Why We Do What We Do

In 1993 our 9 year old son was recovering from brain surgery in Dallas Children’s hospital when I met my first animal in a hospital, a sweet Golden Retriever.  As an animal and people lover, I knew I wanted to help children in that way. 

Flash forward 18 years to find me recovering from the surgery/chemo/radiation routine associated with breast cancer.   I was online helping my sister in California find a mini as a pasture companion for her daughter’s horse when I stumbled onto the Personal Ponies website and knew again that I wanted to be a part of working with animals that help people. 

Four months later, I was driving to Kansas to pick up my ponies.  It’s been a lot of work, not a little uncertainty, and a lot more love.  My husband is a gem.  He thought the idea was crazy.  Now he might be the biggest fan of JJ and Snickers.  We're in the process of training our German Shepherd puppy, Blaze, to work with our special friends alongside the ponies.

I’m a Catholic theologian and an artist. Hiking, especially in the mountains, running, cycling, Pure Barre and traveling are favorite past times (and reading, definitely reading).

And by the way, that son with the brain tumor is now an engineer living in California with his beautiful, intelligent wife and their adorable daughters and a new baby boy.  Our other son is a doctor in the Army and his lovely wife is in her fellowship.  We have much for which to thank God.  

Sweet Treat Station is part of the non-profit venture Personal Ponies Inc.  UK Shetland Ponies JJ and Snickers interact with kids of different abilities.