Welcome to Sweet Treat Station, home of Snickers and JJ—two UK Shetland ponies so adorable you could eat them up! 

Our ponies are part of a national non-profit organization called Personal Ponies Inc.  To find out more check out personalponies.org

I’m Gina and together with my husband Shane we make these cute ponies available for loving from differently abled children. Something about hugging on a little pony gives a happy feeling to everyone.  

Services We Offer:
·       Pony visits to Nursing Homes & other facilities

·       Private visits to Sweet Treat Station (our home)

·       Pony Tales visits to Schools or libraries

We also place ponies that are part of Personal Ponies with families with children who are differently abled.  For more information regarding placements, see the website above.

We are a 100% volunteer organization. All we offer is free of charge. We are a non profit 501(3)(c) If you'd like to donate to help feed and house the ponies or to help with travel expenses, we're happy to accept.