Visiting Sweet Treat Station


When you visit Sweet Treat Station, the first thing you'll notice is that  you're at our home. We're not a typical farm, in fact,  we're not a farm at all. We're just a family in a neighborhood in Worthington OH, but we have a little more space than the typical yard so we're using it for the purpose placed on our hearts--a pony stablette. (ok, I'm busted, that's a made up word.)

Worthington (est 1803) is an old town with old zoning laws.  Even though we're inside the 270 outerbelt of Columbus, as long as we have 150 feet from animals to neighbors, we're good for chickens, goats, cows or full sizes horses (no pigs though)!  But we don't want all those other animals--just our ponies and the chance to bring a smile and an outdoor experience for our visiting friends and their caregivers.



To schedule a visit, please email me at  You can also visit our events and calendar page to find upcoming group activities.